Score your own life.
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On Christmas Eve, Leroy receives two things from his girlfriend: a text message breakup and a coupon for penis enlargement supplements. Later that night at his bartending gig he receives something much more important: a Life Scoring Card. The Life Scoring Card has seven categories: health, family, love, friends, career, sex and money that are rated one to five. The total of the seven categories is an individual's Life Score and a way to quantify success. If Leroy scored his "career" after work that night he would have gotten a zero because his boss fired him on Christmas morning.

Now kicked to the curb and jobless, Leroy crashes on couches, runs from the law, binge drinks with a two-time female professional wrestling champion, crashes a party and a nursing home, but still finds time to play alone in the deserted streets during one of the worst blizzards in New York City history.

How To Score Your Life is a post "Yes We Can" holiday film. As New Year approaches, the main character's Life Score falls closer and closer to zero, severely challenging his go-with-the-flow philosophy and everyone's definition of success.

director's statement

I was in a dead end period of my life when I created the Life Scoring System. At first I used the scoring card and my one digit scores to glorify my misery. Surely my typical score of 9 (out of 35) gave me the right to be the most miserable person in the world. But then my life changed for the better and I forgot all about the life scoring system…until years later when I was brainstorming for a new film idea. That's when I decided to base a film around the Life Scoring System. Even before the script was written the Life Scoring Card instilled the film with authenticity, interaction and an immediately identifiable way of spreading the word.

When my life was at its lowest I was forced to re-define what success means so I wanted to provoke the audience to do the same or at least think about it. By judging Leroy and naturally taking the next interactive step of considering what they would do in his place, the likelihood of an audience member scoring their own life would increase with each appearance of the card. And once someone scores their life it is difficult not to contemplate the ramifications of their life score.
bitsy Since the idea for the film was inspired by what actually happened in my life I wanted the rest of the film to enhance this authentic origin. Leroy's grandmother who has Alzheimer's and lives in a nursing home was played by my mother who has Alzheimer's and lives in a nursing home; Leroy is a bartender at McManus Bar and so is the actor who plays him; the detective who arrests Leroy is actually a New York City detective and ODB, the three-time professional wrestling champion is played by herself. It isn't just that roles were played by non-actors or by actors whose characters had the same jobs as they did. That was the most literal aspect of what we were trying to do. I also wanted the film to feel true even at its most made up moments. I have worked with most of the actors in the film for a decade or more in countless plays and films; performing and shooting in everything from blackouts to blizzards. The relationships these actors have on film are communicated non-verbally, nonchalantly and other ways that families and couples do after many years being together. There are examples of this kind of authenticity in almost every frame of the film.
When I came up with the idea for How To Score Your Life two years ago, I didn't immediately know who the audience was for this film. But I do now. And it is not a niche market. It is for the 99% - those who want to redefine what success means in America. I hope it raises the kind of questions that will help provoke change.

Leroy visits Grandma
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